Meet our Staff

David Haynes David Haynes
Dilwen Smith Assistant Headteacher – Head of Primary Phase
Rachael Thomas Assistant Headteacher – Head of Secondary Phase
Pippa Raggett Assistant Headteacher – Head of Inclusion
Samuel Jenkins Assistant Headteacher – Head of Staff & Pupil   Progress/Head of Maths, Numeracy, Computer Science & ICT
Dean Philpin Business Manager – Head of Resources
Cilla Bramley Head of Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing / Teacher of Primary Phase Year 4
Thomas Earey Deputy Head of Inclusion / Teacher of Music
Sarah Goodridge Head of Foundation Phase / Teacher of Nursery/Reception
Gareth Jones Head of Science and Technology / Teacher of Science
Tiffany Lloyd Head of Humanities and Religious Education / Teacher of Geography, RS & Welsh Bacc
Amy Morgan Head of Languages, Literacy and Communication (Welsh and MFL) / Teacher of Welsh
Ellie Shevlin Acting Head of Languages, Literacy and Communication (English) / Teacher of English
Kieran Barclay Teacher of Humanities, Welsh Bacc and PE
James Buck Teacher of Resistant Materials
Christopher Butcher Teacher of Mathematics / Science / Primary Phase Year 6
Melanie Corp Teacher of Welsh
David Coughlan Teacher of Mathematics / ICT
Natasha Davies-Puddy Teacher of French
Bruce Evans Teacher of PE / Welsh Bacc
Sian Evans Teacher of Science
Miss Emily Forrest Teacher of Welsh
Abigail Jones Teacher of History / Primary Phase Year 6
Jacob Jones Teacher of Primary Phase Year 1 & 2
Josephine Jones Teacher of Primary Phase Year 5
Caroline Kovachev Teacher of Science / Agriculture / PE
Charlotte Lawrence Supply Cluster Teacher
Stacey Morgan Teacher of English
Karen Morris Teacher of Art / Welsh Bacc
Vicki-Claire Pacheco Teacher of Primary Phase Years 1 & 2
Emma Pearce Teacher of Computer Science / Mathematics
Samantha Probert Teacher of Food & Nutrition / Welsh
Isobel Pullin Teacher of English
Victoria Rowe Teacher of French
Sam Swift Supply Cluster Teacher
Elizabeth Tamilia Teacher of English
Amy Waters Supply Cluster Teacher
Chloe Williams Teacher of Primary Phase Year 3
Helen Carter Learning Support Assistant
Donna Cubbin Learning Support Assistant
Nicola Davies Learning Support Assistant / Breakfast Club Assistant
Sian Davies Numeracy LSA
Bhagyashree Deshmukh Data/Information/Exams/IT Officer
Peter Foster Caretaker / Cleaning Supervisor
Susan Gumbrill Lunchtime Supervisor
Louise Haynes Admin Assistant
Sian Jones Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mark Latham Caretaker / Cleaner
Helen Lloyd School Counsellor
Susan McLeod Learning Support Assistant / Lunchtime         Supervisor
Linzi Morris Office Manager
Catherine Morton Learning Support Assistant
Melanie Morse Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Katherine Pearce Data/Information/Exams/IT Officer
Sally Phillips Learning Support Assistant
Catherine Price Cleaner
Colin Reynolds Science / Catering Technician
John Skelton IT Technicician
Louise Thomas Learning Support Assistant / Breakfast Club Assistant / Cleaner
Rachel Thomas Cleaner
Natalie Thomas Learning Support Assistant / Breakfast Club Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Elizabeth Walsh Learning Support Assistant / Breakfast Club Supervisor / Lunchtime Supervisor
Jennifer Walters Learning Support Assistant
Natalie Williams Admin & Finance Assistant
Suzi Williams School Nurse
Rebecca John Admin