Development Phase

Over the coming period, staff in the Development phase will be setting learning activities via Classdojo, HWB and Microsoft Teams. As you will be aware, all pupils are already members of their class Microsoft Team on their HWB account (Via Office 365). Teachers have set a number of activities in different curriculum areas and placed these in FILES.
We have endeavoured to ensure these range from practical (learning through play) activities to some more formal assignments. Many of these can be done independently as we are aware that many parents/carers are working from home whilst simultaneously trying to ensure their children are learning.
Please see files/assignments in Microsoft Teams for more detail and the breakdown of activities. In addition please find links to ideas and supportive educational resources below which pupils can explore. Please feel free to contact a member of the Development phase via Classdojo at any point should you have any questions or useful ideas/links you would like to share.


BBC daily educational programme via Red Button – click here to find out how to access this service


Whilst pupils are at home, it is likely that despite enjoying the novelty of being at home, after a while (like many of us) they may begin to miss their wider social interactions, particularly their friends and the structure of school. We are therefore asking that pupils check in several times a week on Microsoft Teams POSTS in order to share how they are feeling with friends and maintain their social interactions. Pupils can check in with a number:
1 – I’m feeling awful, 2 – I’m a bit fed up, 3 – I’m fine, 4 – I’m well and happy, 5 – I’m feeling FANTASTIC!


We are challenging all pupils and their families to become an optimist in 21 days.
Optimism Challenge 



Joe Wicks has been posting live workouts at 9:00am, every weekday morning. These are a good start to the day and can be found below.  If you miss a workout, then you can catch up with it, any time during the day!

Oti Mabuse has also been posting dance classes for children on her youtube channel.



Online safety

The internet will be an important tool in supporting your child, keeping informed and making contact with others. Ensuring your child is safe online is key
(Age 6-10)
Other useful links
Sport Pembrokeshire – New Digital Learning Zone coming soon!! 
In light of the current Covid19 situation, Sport Pembrokeshire (PCC’s Sports Development Service) are working hard to create a secure digital learning platform for all learners to access from home during school closures.
The ‘Sport Pembrokeshire Learning Zone’ will include links to a variety of sport and physical activity resources which will hopefully encourage pupils to be physically active at home.
I’m hoping to be able to share a link with you next week so that you can proactively share with pupils and parents.


Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Learning Resources List for Schools and Families